Natural Health – 5 Tips For Comfy Airplane Travel

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Did you ever notice when you fly somewhere how much you value that little bit of space you have around you? Whether you’re on the plane, in the airport, or on the shuttle going to your hotel – those few inches surrounding you, and the bags in your hands, are all you’ve got for several hours – and they’re like gold.

I never really felt like I was “territorial”, but when it comes to air travel I notice that I am. I think it’s because I’m so sensitive to people’s energy and the environment, and I need to protect my space. I remember one flight I was on with this rather large man who was sitting behind me and over one seat. He was very stinky and he had fallen asleep with his mouth wide open.

His snorting exhalations kept blowing my way and he had the worst breath. I was pretty grossed out. (I would have been better off sitting next to him than in front of him). I remember being so grateful for the little tissue I placed up my sleeve on which I had dowsed one of my favorite essential oil blends (RC).

I had that tissue under my nose the whole flight. When we travel we can’t control our environment or avoid our surroundings, but we can adjust ourselves. We can also prepare to have the optimal experience given the conditions. (oh gosh ~ I just remembered this other flight where I sat right next to the bathroom…the horrible smell came from the disinfecting chemicals that were used – yuck! there too I used my oils – on me!)

Surroundings aren’t the only potential problem.

The condition of our body has a lot to do with how we feel during our flight and whether or not we will experience jet lag. Even if our bodies are in good shape and we’re feeling fine, jet lag can sneak up on us when we get to our destinations. Along with these travel tips there also are natural remedies for jet lag.

Here ya go…Five Tips that can make your airplane travel comfy:

1 – Before you travel and during, avoid alcohol and anything that dehydrates your body

2 – Eat heavy the day before travel and light the day of travel and hydrate yourself really well

3 – Sit in sun on plane if you can

4 – Exercise on the plane (contract and relax muscles, and stretch)

5 – Use essential oils to de-germ your environment, clean your air, protect you, and to keep you from being affected by offensive smells.

Edgar Cayce Jet Lag Remedy:

–Fill a bathtub with warm water and add the epsom salts and sodium bicarbonate I had brought with me.
–Soak for 20 minutes
–Don’t cross arms or legs over body (it’s an energetic thing)

Marilee’s Jet Lag Self-Care Solution (works great!):

–Lavender bath

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